The Woman

Winnie Mandela: Mother of a nation

South Africa's Truth and Reconciliation Commission found Winnie “politically and morally accountable for the gross violations of human rights committed by the Mandela United Football Club”.  During the hearings, Winnie apologised to the mother of Stompie Seipei.

Nelson Mandela served five years as President of South Africa.  He appointed Winnie as Deputy Minister of Arts, Culture, Science and Technology.

Winnie was elected President of the ANC Women's League a post she held for 10 years.  She also became a member of the ANC's National Executive Committee.

Two years after he and Winnie were divorced, Nelson married Graça Machel the widow of Samora Machel, former President of Mozambique.

Whenever Nelson was hospitalised, Winnie was among the first to attend at his bedside.

While their mother was incarcerated, Zenani and Zindzi were cared for at the Waterford Kamhlaba College in Swaziland, where they remained to complete their schooling.

Winnie Mandela made 70 appearances on American network television, merited 20 stories in the New York Times, and was nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize.  Known as South Africa’s brave and selfless “Mother of the Nation,” she became one of the most famous women in the world.

Winnie never remarried.